About Us

Forty-five years ago, Cunningham Associates began doing business for the first time with a small group of specialty journals. It was 1973, and our founder, Charles Cunningham, made it a point to speak with every client on a face-to-face basis for the journals we represented. Fax machines were not in vogue then, nor was e-mail or personal computers. Marketing was done on a much more personal basis, and the results of those efforts are still apparent with Cunningham Associates today.

This emphasis on the importance of personal selling is still the cornerstone strategy of the representatives at Cunningham Associates. Of course, we do make frequent use of today’s technology. E-mail has greatly enhanced our efficiency, direct mail and telemarketing help to supplement our marketing messages, we’ve become adept at selling website sponsorships and banner ads, and every representative carries their own laptop computer and cell phone. However, nothing can replace the effect of meeting a person face-to-face. Not only can one gauge responses by facial expressions and allow the client to physically interact with the product, but this also helps to develop interpersonal relationships that cannot be done through telemarketing or e-mailing. It is these interpersonal relationships that set Cunningham Associates apart from other firms.

Our forty-five years of experience in specialty markets has allowed us to cultivate an extensive knowledge in the field. You will find no other firm that is relied upon more extensively as a guiding resource by pharmaceutical marketers and managers. Combine this with the experience, ability, and work ethic of our representatives, and you can see how this provides a potent combination for advertising sales. Consider, as well, that Cunningham Associates specializes its sales efforts and only represents specialty medical journals with either paid or Society based circulations. We do not own or publish any journals, so our only focus is the high level promotion of the publications that we are hired to represent.

Keep in mind that it is not only our market knowledge and our experience that makes Cunningham Associates the well-respected company that it is. Our experienced and professional staff enhances our representatives’ selling efforts and helps to provide information and assistance to clients whenever necessary. This allows our company to offer the wide range of services it currently offers – including billing, classified advertising, typesetting, production and collection to name a few.


Cunningham Associates provides knowledgeable, professional sales representation to increase advertising revenue and market share for our client’s publications and related opportunities. Below is a brief summary of our skills and attributes.


    • Cunningham Associates has a proven record representing specialty publications since 1973
    • We provide a complete range of services for both print and online products including sales, marketing, research, production, typesetting, billing and collection
    • We are adept with all aspects of business-to-business sales including reprints, supplements, sponsored subscriptions and other products
    • We provide a wide range of services covering all of the costs involved on a straight commission basis
    • We provide coverage both in the U.S. and internationally


    • Our focus for business-to-business and advertising sales is a comprehensive educational sales approach stressing personal, face-to-face calls to decision-makers
    • Combined with these personal calls, the marketing mix we utilize at Cunningham Associates makes use of all the sales tools available including (but not limited to) telemarketing, direct mail, trade show attendance and e-mail
    • We have established open lines of communication between ourselves and the advertisers, as well as our publishing clients, which allows for a smooth business flow and encourage our ability to be a resource
    • Our professional staff always puts a premium on providing outstanding customer service for both industry and our clients